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There are many reasons why organisation’s have focused towards utilising height adjustable electric furniture as means to a more ergonomic workplace.

Workstation Design Principles

• Make the workstation adjustable, enabling both small and large persons to fit comfortably and / or reach materials easily.

• Avoid static loads, fixed work postures and job requirements in which operators must frequently, or for long periods lean to front or side; hold a limb in a bent or extended position; tilt the head forward more that fifteen degrees; support the body’s weight with one leg.

• Set the work surface above elbow height for tasks involving fine visual details and below elbow height for tasks requiring downward forces and heavy physical effort.

• Allow workers, at their discretion, to alternate between sitting and standing.

• Provide floor mats or padded surfaces for prolonged sitting.

• Design the primary work area so that arm movements or extensions more than 40cm are minimized.

• Provide dials and displays that are simply, logical, easy to read, reach and operate.


Advantages to the employee of electric furniture are:

• Fewer chronic problems.

• Improved working environment.

• Avoidance of monotonous postures.

• Activation of heart, circulation and the intestinal system.

• Prevention of muscle inactivity.

• Circulation of the disc tissue.

• Comfortable working posture.

• Better comfort = higher degree of satisfaction.


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Advantages to the company of electric furniture are:

• Increased motivation and job satisfaction.

• Increased performance and efficiency.

• Long-term decrease of absenteeism due to illness.

• Increased product and service quality.

• Improved internal communication and cooperation.

• Image upgrade for the company.

• Falling failure rate.

• Cost optimisation by means of desk sharing.

• A more dynamic and efficient working style.


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