TR-EM Motor controller

TR-EM Motor controller

TR-EM-208 is designed specially for spindle motor use.

Adjustable soft start, soft stop and current limit are main features of the card. Additionally impulse or continuous type control can be selected as the control mode. Control input can be set to positive or negative (gnd) logic.

Click here for the TR-EM data sheet.

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TR-EM-208 Motor Controller

£114.00 *

TR-EM-208-H Motor Controller

£155.00 *

TR-EM-208-R Motor Controller (Fits to 35 mm DIN-rail or C-rail)

£114.00 *

TR-EM-208-T-230 Motor Controller

£227.00 *

TR-EM-236 Motor Controller

£119.00 *

TR-EM-273 Motor Controller

£330.00 *

TR-EM-288-H Motor Controller

£155.00 *

TR-EM-239 Motor Controller

£176.00 *

TR-EM-239-H Motor Controller fitted in control box.

£170.00 *

TR-EM-239-R Motor Controller monted on DIN rail

£227.00 *

TR-EM-239-T-230 Motor Controller in box with power supply

£376.00 *

TR-EM-273-H Motor Controller

£418.00 *
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