LINAK RF Receiver and handset

LINAK RF Receiver and handset

The HB10RF and RFR system is a perfect choice for a wide range of adjustable furniture applications. The wireless system based on radio frequency technology (RF) is perfect for TV lift systems where cables are undesired and an infrared eye is an unwise solution.

The HB10RF handset combines ergonomic design and functionality into a user friendly handset with big intuitive buttons and without any annoying cable.

Click here for the RFR data sheet.

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Linak RF handset (1 channel)

£38.00 *

LINAK RF handset receiver - Standard for TD. With programmable stroke length for DESKLINE.

£82.00 *

LINAK RF handset receiver - Standard without stroke length limitation

£82.00 *

LINAK RF handset receiver - With programmable stroke length and impulse function

£82.00 *

LINAK HB10 handset (2 channel)

£62.00 *

Linak Bluetooth handset (1 channel)

£47.00 *
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