What do manufacturing companies consider the most important element are in running their business?


Top priority is efficient production.


But what exactly does this mean?


Efficient production means in practice low machine costs, high and predictable quality and high cost-effectiveness, speed of reaction and equipment availability.


This is achieved above all through mechanisation and automation, or in other words through the use of technical devices and processes that partially or completely replace the functions of human beings.


Industrial automation has come to play a major role within this process, and the range of applications is constantly expanding. The reason for this is that electric linear actuators and pneumatics can offer a virtually seamless range of proven optimised components, available in closely-spaced sizes and specifications to allow the rapid construction of devices on a modular principle.


So if you are Aligning, Assembing, Bending, Buffering, Chamfering, Clamping, Conveying, Cutting, Deburring, Deep drawing, Destacking, Drilling, Ejecting, Extracting, Feeding, Forwarding, Glueing, Gripping, Handling, Hopper-feeding, Indexing, Inserting, Lifting, Loading, Monitoring, Orientating, Packing, Paletting, Positioning, Press-fitting, Pressing, Printing, Profiling, Re-orientating, Repositioning, Sawing, Securing, Separating, Sorting, Stopping, Tensioning, Testing, Transferring, Transporting, Turning, Unloading or anything else just let us know.

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