Desk frame

Desk frame

The Desk Frame 2 (DF2) is a complete frame from LINAK®. The kit contains all electronics including the motor columns, cable wiring, switch, brackets and feet you need for your project. The DF2 is very fast and intuitive to assemble as the few parts are carefully designed to be either clicked together or attached with only a few screws.

You can access drawings and data sheet for the DF2 by clicking here.

LINAK also provide a 5-year warranty on all DESKLINE® products* used in kitchensoffice desks and workstations – to name but a few.

The fact is you will probably never come across a situation where you would need this warranty as every LINAK product goes through rigorous testing and our DPPM (defective parts per million) rate is extraordinarily low. This comes as a natural result of using only high-quality components and world-class production facilities, staffed by competent and experienced personnel.

In other words, LINAK have set a 5-year warranty as a standard – a benchmark we expect your solution or system to exceed with ease.

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Desk frame
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